“Poi Dog Pondering Concert Film DVD / Live Recording Set” Kickstarter Project

If you love Poi Dog Pondering — in my opinion one of the best live performing bands of the last 20 years — you’re going to want to get in on the their new Kickstarter project.

As you may know, earlier this month Poi Dog performed a two-night retrospective at Chicago’s Metro. The first night featured the Austin lineup playing songs from the first three albums: Poi Dog Pondering (1989), Wishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea (1990) and Volo Volo (1992). The second night featured the Chicago lineup playing songs from the last five albums: Pomegranate (1995), Natural Thing (1999), In Seed Comes Fruit (2003), 7 (2008) and Audio Love Letter (2011).

This Kickstarter campaign, which to date has raised over $25,000, will help finance the editing, production and release of both a video and audio recording of those concerts. For as little as $25, you’ll be able to download the Retrospective concert 2 album set before it’s public release. For higher contributions, the rewards just get better, including: a DVD of the shows in Chicago, a poster, t-shirt, your name listed in the credits, an art box, a visit to the PdP studio, one of Frank’s musical instruments, and even a dinner party cooked by Frank.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link!

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