Jane’s Addiction Play Google I/O 2011 After Hours Party

Setlist: Jane’s Addiction, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Calif. 5/10/11

1. “Stop!”
2. “Ain’t No Right”
3. “End To The Lies”
4. “Just Because”
5. “Ted, Just Admit It”
6. “Been Caught Stealing”
7. “Mountain Song”
8. “Jane Says

Brandon at stereogum writes:

What better way to unveil your new music service than to hire old guys to soundtrack its launch? Just kidding. But, as you may have heard, the reborn Jane’s Addiction did indeed handle the entertainment section of yesterday’s Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco. They sounded good. And check out the sea of nerds capturing the moment by hiding behind their electronic devices of choice.

One YouTube commenter said: “I can’t think of a bigger waste of an audience than this. It’s like Led Zeppelin reunited for a private performance at the Vatican.”

Clearly, he’s never been to a Google, Oracle or Genentech after party.

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