Flaming Lips’ “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” in Kraft Commercial

I used to cringe whenever a TV commercial featured a song by one of my favorite artists. No longer. Now I smile, glad to know that the band I like will be heard by others, who may in turn wonder, what is that song? Who is that band? I must buy their new album!

I just saw a TV commercial for Kraft salad dressings that uses the Flaming Lips’ “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.” It got my attention.

Note: A friend pointed out that The Flaming Lips have sold their songs for use in several other commercials, including ones for Sync by Microsoft, Land Rover and Dell.

She writes:

i guess i’m sort of a curmudgeon when it comes to the music that i hold dear to me…especially if it’s something i’ve loved for a long time that was rather “obscure”…it makes me sad!! i’m getting better and better (because i sort of HAVE to :p) but, like, the beatles on target ads?? the rolling stones for chase visa?? i dunno…it kind of creeps me out.

strangely enough though, not so with the lips on commercials..maybe because they always have such a big multi-media aspect included in their shows-it doesn’t feel as funny??

man, you should have seen how sad i was the ONE time i heard “mountain song” for coors back in the day. yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

but by that same token, there’s tons of music that i don’t know that i look for when i hear it on t.v…right now in fact, the new audi commercial has something really kickass! i have to find it still…

have you heard supergrass for the r.v. ad yet??

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