Paul Weller’s “I Walk on Gilded Splinters” on “The Wire”

Last night we watched the season four finale of “The Wire” and I was surprised and pleased to hear Paul Weller’s version of “I Walk on Gilded Splinters” used in the final montage. (With all due respect to Dr. John, I prefer Weller’s version to his original.)

If you don’t watch “The Wire,” you should. Its one of the finest shows I’ve ever seen and worth getting Netflix just to watch it from start to finish. If you already watch it, but haven’t gotten to season four yet, don’t watch this clip. Its full of the revealing little details that make “The Wire” such a rewarding show to watch.


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wow–i knew if i googled correctly that someone else would have had the same pleasant surprise as i.

i was dozing off watching “the wire” on BET late at night and my nocturnal mind kinda went, “huh–it’s that dr. john song i like that paul weller covered…HEY!!–it *is* the weller version!”

good on “the wire” for being so darned cool.

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