Paste Magazine Subscription:Name Your Own Price

Ryan Adams Paste Magazine Cover Issue 37It looks like Paste Magazine may have taken some inspiration from Radiohead.

For two weeks only, Paste invites you to pay what you want for your one-year subscription! That’s 11 magazines and 11 CDs (approximately 220 songs), normally priced at $65.45 on the newsstand.

Never read Paste before? It’s a lot like Rolling Stone, in that its main focus is music, but also covers movies, books, culture. Some of the bands featured in past issues include: The Decemberists, The Hold Steady, The Shins, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco and Pete Yorn, to name a few.

How much would you pay for 11 magazines and 11 CDs delivered to your door? (Let me know by leaving a comment.)

This is a great idea. I’m betting that Paste will bask in the same “warm glow” that Radiohead received for “In Rainbows.”

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I don’t know if this model will work for books and magazines…

In fact, I don’t want to pay too much because I don’t want to put in money into a dying model. The reason why I’m giving Radiohead money is partly because I believe in the business model for selling music.

I feel kind of bad, but I think I’ll only pay Paste 5-10 bucks. I see it as a limited time discount more than anything. I doubt they’ll do it again.

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