48.4 MB

That’s the size of the zip file for Radiohead’s new album, “In Rainbows,” which was released today as an MP3.

The servers were a little slow, which is to be expected given the anticipation for the album, as well as favorable press coverage, including a review on NPR’s All Things Considered, of all places. (I wonder what my parents thought.)

After naming the price I was willing to pay, in pounds and pences, and registering with the Radiohead store, run by xurbiaxendless.com, I was told that:

This transaction will appear on your credit card bill as WASTE PRODUCTS LTD. or a shortened version of this.

Is “Waste Products Ltd” meant to be self-deprecating? Ironic? I don’t know, but so far I would say Radiohead’s seventh studio album is anything but a waste product. Once I have a chance to completely digest it, I’ll post a review.

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