The Verve Return

The rumors are true!

Out of the blue, and eight years after they split acrimoniously, the band – Richard Ashcroft, Pete Salisbury, Mick McCabe and Simon Jones – shocked the music world by announcing they were working on a new album.

In announcing six dates, they put the feelers out to see what kind of a reaction they would receive from their fans.

And it has been overwhelming.

A set up by the band’s management just two weeks ago has already had 30,000 visitors and demand for tickets for the new gigs went through the roof.

I knew the day would eventually come when The Verve would set aside their grudges and play a reunion tour. My only worry was that they might wait 20 years or more to play together. But a new album?! I never thought that would happen, in large part because Richard Ashcroft has had such a successful solo career.

I first saw The Verve at T in the Park in 1995, and it still ranks as one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. The band split right after that show, then reformed, only to split again in 1999, not long after touring for Urban Hymns. I hope they can stay together long enough this time to make it to the Bay Area.

{Update: You’ll find The Verve’s MySpace page here.}

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