Michael Jackson – “Rock With You”

It’s great to see that this track from “Off the Wall,” in my opinion Michael Jackson’s greatest musical gift to mankind, has been viewed over 13 million times on YouTube.

If I’ve listened to this song once, I’ve listened to it 100 times. I’ll never grow tired of the beauty of Michael’s voice and his message.

Girl, close your eyes
Let that rhythm get into You
Don’t Try To Fight It
There Ain’t Nothin’ That You Can Do
Relax Your Mind
Lay Back And Groove With Mine
You Got To Feel That Heat
And We Can Ride The Boogie
Share That Beat Of Love

Girl, When You Dance
There’s A Magic That Must Be Love
Just Take It Slow
‘Cause We Got So Far To Go

And When The Groove Is Dead And Gone
You Know That Love Survives
So We Can Rock Forever, On

We miss you, Michael. Rest in peace.

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