Flaming Lips: ‘Watching The Planets’ – Video Exclusive

Given my most recent posts, I know it seems like I’m a total, complete Flaming Lips’ geek. Ok, I am. But I’ve been enjoying a lot of other bands lately, including new discs by Built to Spill, The Clientele, and Califone.

The Lips latest, “Embryonic,” is pretty weird. In ways, it’s nothing like anything they’ve done, a big departure from their last three, all accessible pop masterpieces – “At War with the Mystics,” “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” and “The Soft Bulletin.” In other ways, it reminds me of their earlier stuff, especially “Zaireeka.”

The video for ‘Watching The Planets,’ now available exclusively on NME.com, is also pretty weird.

It’s naked bodies galore as everyone bares all to run, cycle and chant around the forest.

Weird and excellent. Kind of makes me want to become a hippie and move to Humboldt.

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