Ray Lamontagne MP3s

I had the pleasure of seeing Ray Lamontagne perform at the beautiful Paramount Theater in Oakland, California two weeks ago. Afterward, I was eager to listen to any demos or live recordings I could get my hands on. My search turned up more than I expected: two demos and one live concert. Get ’em while you can.

Green Record Demo
01 Back On The Mountain
02 Water From The Well
03 I Go All To Pieces
04 Write You A Letter
05 Lead Me On
06 I Wish I Could Change Your Mind
07 Stones Throw From Lonesome
08 Isabel
09 Nothing Like You Used To Be
10 So Long Away

Introducing Raycharles LaMontagne Demo
01 Trouble
02 Burn In My Skin
03 County Girl
04 Hannah
05 How Come
06 Please
07 Shelter
08 The Narrow Escape
09 All The Wild Horses

Live At Merrill
01 Lame-Ass DJ Into
02 Trouble.mp3
03 Gather Your Children.mp3
04 Hannah.mp3
06 The Narrow Escape.mp3
07 Shelter.mp3
08 How Come.mp3
09 All the Wild Horses.mp3
11 Rave Up.mp3

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